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We pride ourselves on our fun yet professional nature, timely communication and thorough approach to discussing our clients' photography vision. We have a creative spirit and a desire to capture special moments in unique ways.

Our goal at JB Photography is to not only give you amazing photographs but to give you an awesome experience! We love photography, and we truly want to help make your photo dreams come true. So if you're a really cool, laid back couple, family, senior, or individual who wants to enjoy your photography experience, not worry about the photos, and hang out with a pretty awesome photographer or two- click that contact button.


​JB Photography officially opened in 2015 with just me and my camera and now it's an award winning team of amazing photographers. All of us have a passion for photography and capturing moments. We know that sounds cheesy, we tried to make it sound cool or edgy, but it didn’t work. Life is pretty awesome and the fact that people entrust us to capture that for eternity is pretty amazing in itself, so we’re embracing the cheesy cliches about life love and happiness!