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Zoe's Boudoir Experience

Zoe shares the story of her boudoir photo shoot

My advice to anyone that is thinking of getting boudoir photos, do it. It is an experience that can not be compared to anything else. The feeling of ownership over my body and empowerment in my body and sexuality is a high that I will be riding for a long time.

I got the photos for myself. I recently got out of a relationship and that relationship had caused a lot of body image issues. There were comments made that made me hate my body. I hated my breast reduction. I hated my body in general because I no longer felt attractive to myself or anyone else. When I got out of the relationship I wanted to do something for myself and to feel attractive again. I found JB boudoir and just had a feeling she was the right photographer for me.

I was not wrong. I walked in nervous, who doesn’t get nervous being half naked in front of new people. It’s like getting naked in front of a new boyfriend almost but this time you can’t try to keep the light dim or off; nope there's a bright light showcasing your entire body. So nervous, trying to remain calm, while I walked in and both Janalee and Sherri instantly made me feel comfortable. By the end of makeup, Sherri was having issues doing the last touch ups of makeup because I kept laughing. I looked in the mirror after make-up and instantly felt amazing. I felt like there was no way I looked like that.

Both of them walked me through the experience prior to even changing clothes. We started in an outfit I wasn’t as excited about so that I could get comfortable with the camera. Janalee walked me through everything and asked what I was insecure about and what I wanted to highlight. Janalee was very open to trying what I wanted to try, and they turned into gorgeous photos. Janalee talked with me the entire time and that helped me stay relaxed the entire time. We talked about trying to get broken up with and how men sneak into our lives sometimes when we least want them to. Janalee would show me pictures while shooting that helped me realize that even if I was feeling a little off we were getting amazing pictures.

I walked out feeling amazing. I felt attractive to myself. I felt amazingly confident. I did this for myself and I felt like I owned my body again.

I gave Janalee permission to use my pictures and the comments that were made on my photos helped boost my ego so much. My best friend was sending me the pictures and was telling me how amazing they turned out. My mom even commented on one of the photos….

This is an experience I would recommend for everyone. There is no bigger self esteem booster. There is something about boudoir that empowers someone. You as the subject determine how much or how little you want to cover. You determine how you want to be viewed, shy or aggressive or bombshell. You get to determine who sees those photos. You get to determine who is special enough to see those photos.

I received my metal prints today and after the initial shock that I received them so quickly, I realized how hot I was. I looked amazing and I sat there wondering where I was going to hang them up. I am debating where in my bedroom I want to place them because they need to be displayed. We just don’t need my dad to see them in the living room.

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