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Tips for Preparing for your Boudoir Session

Hydrate & Moisturize your glorious body

Are you a rockstar and already doing this? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

Seriously, i'm always trying to intake more water but the day before your session & the day of, please hydrate! It helps with bloating, skin issues like lines from restrictive clothing, etc.

Additionally, please take a hot bath, relax, and lotion yourself up the night before your session! This is all about pampering yourself - get into the zone!

Wear loose fitting clothes & eat

SUPER IMPORTANT - please refrain from wearing any hair ties or tight clothing the day before and the day of your session. Additionally, boudoir is kind of like yoga & you'll be using muscles you may not have used in a while so please eat before your session & don't start any fasting or cleanses.

Practice your Catwalk

Alright, maybe that's a little dramatic but you get the idea, right?

Pinterest is a girl's best friend - create a board of inspired shots, outfits, hair styles - whatever will help you strut your stuff! I will naturally help with poses & styling, but again, only YOU are YOU and any pre-session fun you have with this will absolutely enhance your experience.

Girl, Wash your Face

Not literally (well, maybe) but if you're getting hair & makeup done, just come with a clean face ready for the whole "glow-up". If you prefer to do your own hair & make-up, that's rad, let's talk about that though before you book. Feel free to also paint your nails, get a pedicure, whatever will help you feel extra snazzy but will also POP on photos.

Waxing, Shaving, Tanning...

Alright listen, this is your session and you can go all out glam style or not. It's all about you, your style, and what feels right for YOU. However, when tanning, please be sure you tan however you've tanned before. I don't suggest going in the day before and accidentally becoming a lobster. For waxing I suggest a few days before the session and shaving the day before if you don't get bad razor bumps. You know your body best.

how the day will go

Your professional styling starts before you even arrive. I work with the makeup artist & hair stylist to help curate the perfect session vibe for you based on what we previously discussed.

When you arrive, you'll be greeted and shown around - we all need to know where the bathroom is ya know?

Then you and the stylist will sit down discuss looks and start hair and makeup.

Once your hair and makeup is done, we will get you into your first look and start shooting. The hair and makeup artist will depart so no stress, it'll just be you & I after that. Shooting will last for about 1 hour

After we finish shooting, you run out to grab some lunch, do some shopping etc, and I get to work on culling and editing your images.

You come back just 90 minutes later and we look at your images, pick your favorites, and finalize your order! Products arrive with 6 weeks.

Join our Private Boudoir Facebook Group. This group is focused on positivity and fun. We lift each other up, laugh, and celebrate being women.

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