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An Intimate Celebration of Love with Family & Friends at Orchard Valley Acres

How They Met

Carli and Dakota met in Carli's parents driveway on the 4th of July in 2011 after watching the firework show. (Insert corny joke about fireworks and love here)

The Proposal

Dakota proposed at the Polynesian hotel, at Disney, after a luau performance. it was on a little beach, and you could see all the Disney parks in the background.

Wedding Style

Carli described their wedding style, as "avoid stress". They wanted to enjoy this entire process, and they wanted it to be small, and intimate, and easy going. They didn't have a big party, only Carli's sister and Dakota's best friend stood for them in the party, which made things so easy. Carli's older brother married them, which was his first wedding he had ever done. He got officiated just for us. Carli loved having her siblings standing right next to her on this amazing day. Dakota and Carli wrote their own vows, and they were completely their own, they were filled with inside jokes. Their wedding had so many laughs and love.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side/Forever and ever"


Wedding Vision

Simple. That's it. Carli wanted it to be simple, and wanted to have only those closest to us there, no kids. She wanted it to feel like one big family. They were able to talk to everyone, and they were able to take time to eat the food they ordered, and they were able to have room to dance, and room to walk around. They had space, and many areas to spend time; the barn, bar areas, s'more section, field with lawn games, lower barn area, their guests were able to adventure the grounds and there were so many photo opportunities. That's exactly what they wanted.

Favorite Moments

Carli's favorite moment of the day was when Dakota read his vows to her. I'd say everyone was blown away by Dakota's vows. All of his friends and family were at awe by his words.

Favorite Part of Planning

Booking the venue! Their wedding was a long time coming and it felt great making that step towards what they had wanted for so long.

Planning Advice

"Don't bother with tiny details, focus on the most important things: family, friends, and the one you're marrying. It's not worth the stress, make things easy, and don't get upset when things go wrong, or don't go as planned. Things will happen as they are meant to happen. The most important thing, is what you and your partner are promising one another. Also, don't go by the book. Make your wedding the day that you want, regardless of what others say. many people will give their input, I found it best to keep that group to a minimum. We didn't share many of my plans with people, because its not what the other people want, it's what you want for your special day."

About Orchard Valley Acres in West Bend

Carli was searching wedding venues near me on google. They initially didn't want to even book a venue, they were going to just have Carli's brother marry them in a park, and have a nice dinner with immediate family. But when we went to this barn, the family was amazing, and everything was in one place, which followed the "simple" theme for their wedding.

If you're looking for a truly romantic setting for your wedding photography, Orchard Valley Acres is the place for you. This beautiful farm is situated on acres of rolling hills, with gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside. Whether you're looking for breathtaking landscapes or charming rural scenes, Orchard Valley Acres is sure to provide plenty of inspiration for your wedding photography.

Favorite thing About JB

"My favorite part was meeting Janalee for my boudoir shoot! But I loved that Janalee was so great at communicating, and she was wonderful to work with. We felt as though we had already known her for some time, and she was wonderful at explaining the shot she wanted to get, and also was so flexible if Dakota or myself had an idea or request for a photo."

Best Planning Decision

"The decision I think that meant most to me, was writing our own vows. Dakota and I wrote them how we wanted, and from our heart, and they had our own love language incorporated. it wasn't the traditional written by the book vows, they really meant something to both of us. And that will forever be in my heart as the best part."

Is there something you wish you had done differently?

"No, we did everything the way we wanted. We waited for this day patiently, and we worked together on the process."

Where did you go for your honeymoon? Would you recommend it to others?

"We haven't gone on a honeymoon just yet, however we stayed at a bed and breakfast just a few miles down the road from our venue, and it was wonderful."

Vendor Shout Out

Cinch Tailoring:

Nothing Bundt Cakes:

Orchard Valley Acres:

JB Photography:

White Dress Off the Rack:

Harleys Co: HH Clothing Co:

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