​Kaylee's love of photography started sometime around her middle school years when she got her first camera. She spent countless babysitting dollars buying film and developing the photos, and her friends would say she took more photos than a paparazzi. After college when she got her Nikon D3100 she began taking photos for anyone and everyone she could to experience all portraiture from newborns to families and senior sessions. Eventually she got into capturing weddings, which was exciting and terrifying. But she truly enjoys them! Her own wedding was this year, so she understands how important every detail is to making your day memorable. She was told once that she made someone’s Pinterest photo dreams come true, and she tries to live by that by using unique & creative posing prompts. Her favorite images are ones in which people are interacting naturally & not necessarily looking right into the lens. Her passion is photography but she also works as an orthodontic assistant full time. In her free time she love to bake, read as much as possible & travel with her husband Brennan.

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