​​I'm Janalee, I own JB Photography, except I feel totally weird when my photographers call me their boss. I started this company in 2015 and since then it has grown more than I ever expected. I love running this company. I would, however, happily get rid of all of the boring math and tax stuff that goes on behind the scenes.
My lovely husband is crazy supportive of me and this business always pushing me to improve my craft.
I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. I have a couple lenses and a couple lights. I also have backup equipment in case something malfunctions, or god forbid I drop something.
With that fancy equipment, I want to create amazing photos. Maybe even Pinterest worthy photos, but those photos aren't created by copying Pinterest, they are created by trusting your photographer. We are a company filled with professionals, like actual professionals. We didn't just buy a fancy camera and start calling ourselves professionals. We have trained and perfected our craft. We are constantly evaluating, changing, and improving our skills. I own a hammer, but you probably don't want me to build your house. Hire a professional for that, and us for your photography needs.
So if you're a really cool, laid back couple, who wants to enjoy your wedding day, not worry about the photos, and hang out with a pretty awesome photographer- click that contact button.


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