​JB Photography is a team of awesome people who also happen to be amazing photographers. All of us have a passion for photography and capturing love stories. We know that sounds cheesy, we tried to make it sound cool or edgy, but it didn’t work.

Love is pretty awesome and the fact that people entrust us to capture that for eternity is pretty amazing in itself, so we’re embracing the cheesy cliches about love!


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Photographer, Editor

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​We'd love to sit down with you to talk about your wedding day. Your photographer is an integral and personal part of your wedding. That is why it is so important to meet up before booking to make sure that our personalities and visions for your wedding day match up. We end every consultation by saying- if you don't like us, don't book us, we won't be offended. We don't say it to be funny, we say it because it's true. You spend a large part of your wedding with your photographer, so you want them to feel like a friend, another person just hanging out with you as you get ready, take group photos, and light up the dance floor. This one just happens to have a camera in hand!


What style(s) do you specialize in?
Telling your love story! Portraits and forced photojournalism are our two specialties. We still think there is a place in the world for the look at the camera and smile portraits. But we also want to capture the cute natural looking photos. I don't know about you, but I'm not naturally adorable and may even be slightly awkward in front of the camera- that's where the "forced" comes into "forced photojournalism". We'll prompt you and give you guidance and direct to get those perfectly natural adorable photos.


Will the photos be retouched and color balanced? Is that done before I see them?
Yes and Yes


​​What's up with lighting?

We use both natural lighting and flashes. We'll adjust based on the conditions of the day.

How many weddings do you do in a year?
We average about 50 weddings a year


What is the deposit?
$500 This can be paid via credit card online or by mailing a check 


Will there be a second shooter or any assistants?
A second shooter is available for an additional cost of $850. We're happy to talk you through the upside of adding on a second. 


Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?
It depends who you book with. At JB Photography, you book directly with the photographer you want. Take a look at our portfolios and our prices and let us know who you want to spend the day with!


Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you're sick?
Yes! Knock on wood, We've never missed a wedding, but if one of us broke a leg that morning, we have back up photographers in place.

How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?
Every couple receives a social media sneak peek within 10 days of the wedding. Your online images will be uploaded within 6 weeks from your wedding day.


How do you coordinate with my videographer?
We will chat before the festivities begin to coordinate our schedules and shots and develop a rapport. I always suggest booking a videographer that uses multiple cameras at a time. That way, they can pick the best angles for the day and it also ensures that your photographer doesn't end up in your wedding video!


Will you follow a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free reign to capture the festivities how you see fit?
We have a shot list that is used for formal family pictures. You get a copy of the shot list with your contract and have the ability to cross out or add poses. At our pre wedding planning session we often look at Pinterest or other ideas of yours online so that we can capture what you are looking for in the group and just us photos. However, we will not follow a full on shot list for bridal party and just us photos. That kills are artistic flow and vision and would ultimately result it sub par photos.


Do I own the copyright to the photos?
You do own the copyrights to your pictures, which means they are yours to do as you please. I do ask that you credit JB Photography when posting online.

Our office went virtual during Covid times. We'd be happy to meet with you virtually or at a nearby coffee shop. 

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And it's a pretty amazing gift to yourself too!